What our clients are saying

What our clients are saying

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Enhanced Communication and Immediate Feedback

“I was working in the same bank as Chris Burgess when he started building the PerformanceDelta product. It started out looking like most performance management systems. All have scorecards but he took it one step further by making the scorecard interactive.

Employees can call up the scorecard and know immediately how well they are performing, including a section that specifically addresses steps needed to reach their goals. The system creates an interaction between the employee and the supervisor by automatically sending a notification when changes or updates are entered.

With other systems, goals are reviewed maybe twice a year. That means if the business environment changed six months ago, an employee has been working for half the year on the wrong goals.

Another great feature is the immediate tie it makes for supervisors who may be in one city and their employees who may be in another. The bigger the organization the more valuable the performance system becomes.”

Russell G.

President and CEO of Community Bank with $300M in assets

A Balanced Approach

“I initially learned of Harvard Business School’s balanced scorecard concept at the American Bankers Association Stonier Graduate School of Banking in 2001. It struck me then as an appropriate foundation for the growth and prosperity of the bank which, at that point, was only two years old. Clearly, an employee measurement, recognition and incentive program would be imperative for the realization of maximum shareholder and franchise value of the bank.

I sought expertise and found it in Chris Burgess, President and founder of PerformanceDelta. I am impressed with Chris because he is a highly experienced banker who developed and implemented the Balanced Scorecard at two financial institutions for which he had been employed. Further, he had fulfilled his thesis requirement when he attended the Stonier Graduate School of Banking by writing on the very subject of the Balanced Scorecard. We followed his progress as he developed the PerformanceDelta system. In 2006, we implemented The Grand Plan. Chris’s service has been tremendous. He is a pleasure for staff and management to work with.”

Russell G.

President and CEO of Community Bank with $300M in assets

The Right Foundation for Growth

“As a small community bank with plans to grow, we were looking for a foundation to build employee measurement, recognition, and incentive programs on. PerformanceDelta’s program, which we have named “The Grand Plan,” has accomplished this. PerformanceDelta permits us to customize and add features that were not included in the original product. PerformanceDelta is currently working on adding contact management and call tracking components to the system.”

Mark S.

SVP of Community Bank with $300M in assets

Engaging and Comprehensive

“In my thirty years of banking I have never seen a product like TracPlus that is so engaging and comprehensive. The referral module, which we call Referral Rewards, is an easy and effective means to communicate our client’s needs to the financial professionals in our company. When a referral results in a sale, the system tracks the account & transaction and automatically rewards the referring employee. This keeps referrals top-of-mind with all of our employees!”

Mitch W.

Chief Administrative Officer of Regional Bank with $15B in assets

Impacts All Employees

“An employee walked up to me with tears in her eyes and said she had never been able to afford Christmas before… Most programs focus only on a select few, TracPlus impacts all employees throughout the organization.”

Jimmy C.

SVP of a Community Bank with $500M in assets

Impacts All Employees

“As a result of measuring the right things and rewarding employees for maximum performance, we are already seeing tremendous results and expect to see even more in the days ahead.”

Tim A.

Senior Retail Director of Community Bank with $1.8B in assets